Cancellations and Refunds


A. Cancellation of tickets with more than 24 hours to the flight 
Cancellation of tickets can be done only by calling on the customer care number.

To cancel the tickets offline, call 98941 80385 from 9AM to 10 PM , 7 days a week.

B. Cancellation of tickets within 24 hours of the flights

The User will have to contact the nearest airline office (of the concerned airline) to get his/her reservation cancelled. Hello Tickets is in no way responsible to ensure that the ticket shall be cancelled and the sole liability to confirm the same with the airline shall lie with the User.


The refund shall be processed within 30 days from the date of the cancellation request being made. The refund will be credited back to the same account from where the payment was made. For example, if the User used a credit card, Hello Tickets will make an appropriate charge reversal. If the User used a debit card, Hello Tickets will credit the money back to the debit card.

Where the User has cancelled his/her booking directly with the airlines, he/she will need to inform Hello Tickets with valid documentation to initiate the refund process. It is advisable to contact Hello Tickets within 48 hours of the cancellation request. Any later would require the User to send a scanned copy of your E-Ticket endorsed by the airlines to Hello Tickets.